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Operating a business in an emerging industry is hard enough; growing that business is another challenge entirely. You need a team with an ability to convey the value in each entrepreneur’s story through a process designed to yield outsized results. At Next Titan, we leverage our deep expertise to create customized, sophisticated strategies to help our clients achieve their ambitions. We provide data-driven insights on value drivers throughout our engagement, including timing, structure, growth strategy, and company positioning. We offer a variety of financial services in order to foster deep relationships and grow programmatically with a limited number of clients throughout the evolution of their businesses.


Over the past twenty years, we have curated a network of Family Offices, Ultra-High-Net-Worth Individuals, Executive Management Teams, and Key Decision Makers across our industries of expertise. We use our AI-powered relationship intelligence database to leverage these relationships for the benefit of our clients for each unique mandate, from capital raising to M&A.  

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M&A transactions represent an essential strategy to accelerate growth in rapidly developing sectors. Drawing on decades of experience and our dedicated industry practices, our team effectively evaluates and positions each opportunity, recommending only those that are in the best interests of our client.​

Sell-Side Engagements

  • Bespoke engagements to maximize value and minimize risk

  • Deliver a compelling, defensible story to create competitive tension

  • Negotiate terms and a structure that maximizes value  

Buy-Side Engagements

  • Identify and engage targets with a financial and cultural fit

  • Negotiate terms and assist with extensive diligence

  • Leverage expert tactical guidance from close to integration


Our clients were unstoppable in their quest to build their businesses – and they are not about to settle now. Raising equity in emerging industries requires access to multiple capital providers through an expertly run process. We work closely with our clients to model the capital structure that addresses their growth expectations to maximize valuation, terms, and certainty of closing.

  • Private placements for Series B or later rounds

  • Prepare and organize financial data, reports, and forecasting

  • Manage investor outreach, presentation, and feedback

  • Navigate capital raising terms and nuances


Securing the best financing terms for unconventional businesses requires a deep understanding of credit structures and a broad network of higher-risk lenders. We convey each client’s story in a compelling way that resonates with potential capital providers, and we provide comprehensive financing solutions based on each client’s specific credit needs.

Our Credit Specialties

  • Senior debt

  • Bridge financing

  • Mezzanine debt

  • Convertible notes

  • Lines of credit

  • Takeout financing

  • Inventory financing

  • Construction loans

  • Real estate financing

  • Equipment financing

  • Refinancing

  • Debt restructuring

  • Off balance sheet financing


Our approach is to build a long-term relationship with every client we engage. Our team listens to our clients’ needs, challenges their assumptions, and remains relentlessly focused on serving their best interests. Our financial expertise and access to investment capital helps transform our clients’ business ideas into long-term growth and innovation.

  • Fairness and price opinions

  • Solvency opinions for key stakeholders

  • Value creation insights

  • Strategic growth opportunities

  • Market and competitive intelligence 

  • Proprietary analysis of emerging trends




+1 (203) 861-7641

1023 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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