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Michael Huttner

CEO & Co-Founder

Boulder, CO


Huttner is an investment banker, corporate and political strategist, attorney, author and entrepreneur. Huttner earned his J.D. from the University of California, Hastings Law School and his B.A. from Brown University and has successfully attained FINRA licenses 24, 79, 82 and 63.


After graduating from law school, Huttner served as CEO of Fenton, the largest social change agency in the U.S. He also worked as Policy Advisor to Governor Roy Romer and clerked at the Clinton White House for the Office of the Counsel to the President.  Prior to Next Titan Capital, Huttner developed and led both the cannabis and psychedelics investment team at Young America Capital, where he worked on private placements as well as mergers and acquisitions.

In January 2010, Huttner convened a small group of drug reform and policy leaders in Colorado, which laid the groundwork for Colorado to become the first state to decriminalize cannabis in the country. In January 2020, Huttner convened the first meeting to legalize psychedelics statewide in Colorado which culminated with the passage of the Natural Medicine Health Act in November 2022.

Throughout his professional career, Huttner has developed an extensive network of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and progressive philanthropists investing in socially responsible companies and organizations. His strength and passion is raising capital and executing strategic transactions for private clients facing complex financial, regulatory, and political challenges.

As CEO of Next Titan, Huttner is responsible for overseeing capital raises and M&A transactions on behalf of our clients.



+1 (203) 861-7641

1023 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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