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Tamra Reigel

VP of Origination

San Diego, CA


Tamra is a dynamic commercial real estate broker with a specialization in the cannabis industry, recognized for her expertise and rapid rise as a leading figure since her start in the industry in 2018. Her early achievements and dedicated service have built her a reputation for reliability and innovation, especially in challenging environments where traditional brokerages showed reluctance to support the burgeoning industry. 

Tamra advises on growth strategies for cannabis companies across the country and across the supply chain, empowering buyers and sellers to achieve their financial and operational goals. Her work has led to record-breaking sales and expansions for renowned cannabis brands, underlining her significant impact on retail strategy and industry growth. 

Tamra's deep understanding of unique market dynamics, combined with a robust network of clients spanning coast to coast, makes her an invaluable resource for companies aiming to strengthen their footprint in the evolving cannabis landscape.



+1 (203) 861-7641

1023 Walnut Street

Boulder, CO 80302

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